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Planter Studies Centre, Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia Canada: Home

Acadia University is ideally suited to house the Planter Studies Centre. Itself the product of the Planter commitment to education, Acadia is located in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, the heart of "Planter Country."

Planter Studies Volume 5

Available from Acadiensis Press or Nimbus.

Available from Acadiensis Press or Nimbus.

Fourth Read Family Lecture in Planter Studies

Dr. Harvey Amani Whitfield, "Slavery in Nova Scotia before 1783: Planter Slavery in Context"

Thursday, February 26, 2015 at 7 p.m., K.C. Irving Centre Auditorium, Acadia University.

In commemoration of African Heritage Month

Reception to follow

Presented with the support of Dr. Karolyn Smardz Frost, Harrison McCain Visiting Professor, he Lumsden Chair in Religious Studies, the Mark Curry Chair in History and the Department of History and Classics.

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The Planter Studies Centre

Acadia University's Planter Studies Centre is a research institute focused on the 8000 New England residents who migrated to Nova Scotia between 1759 and 1774. Known as "Planters" (the old English term for colonists), they settled in townships throughout the frontier colony of Nova Scotia (which included the modern Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick). They were among the first anglophone immigrants to the mainland area of present-day Canada.

The Planter Studies Centre assists researchers in a variety of fields connected with Planter Studies. The Planters have often been overlooked by mainstream historians, and this makes Planter research all the more intriguing. Professional and amateur scholars alike explore Planter genealogy, music, literacy, gravestones, material culture (which includes architecture and artifacts), as well as economic history, religious history, family history, and political history.

Chair of Planter Studies Committee

Stephen Henderson

50 Acadia Street, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada B4P 2R6 || General Inquiries: | 1 902 585 1249